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wWednesday, April 07, 2004

Random reminder: you can attach grenades to the spider mines in UT2004.

posted by Tim at 2:39 PM

wSunday, April 04, 2004

Welcome to the home of the Brutal File Manager

A First-Person file manager: i.e. Windows Explorer with a gun at the bottom of the screen. Apparently, only the delete function works at the moment.

posted by Tim at 10:45 PM

wSaturday, April 03, 2004

Freeware Gaming - Liero

Freeware game: real-time worms

posted by Tim at 7:24 PM


[gameskins.com]: Splash (Welcome) Page

Gaming T-shirts! We really should have thought of doing something with this earlier.

posted by Tim at 5:31 PM

wFriday, April 02, 2004

GameSpy.com - Article

The love thing: Koster, Spector and Wright talk about how to make a "love" story. Wright's idea is hilarious.

posted by Tim at 1:52 PM

wSunday, March 28, 2004


posted by Tim at 11:39 PM

wWednesday, July 23, 2003


Broadband is ace.

posted by Tim at 3:28 PM

wSunday, July 06, 2003

Annie is a sexy beast. I like her. I love her in fact.

I couldn't eat her whole though.

posted by Tim at 10:54 PM